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Dennis O’Neill from Biomedican recently shared the expectations linked to the development of the Cannabis industry in his recent article “5 Predictions for the Global Cannabinoid Market in 2021,” published in Cannabis Business Executive. O’Neill specifically highlighted Biomedican’s approach to biosynthesize rare cannabinoids. Apart from some significant turbulence, 2020 gave us a unique approach to yield rare cannabinoids from proprietary yeast.

Year of CBG and THCV

Potential benefits associated with rare cannabinoids are not deniable. The increased demand for THCV and CBG in nutraceutical, health food, and pharmaceutical industries strengthen the fact that these rare cannabinoids will lead the cannabis industry in upcoming years. Various companies are validating the potential health benefits of these rare cannabinoids. According to O’Neill, “CBG will be the first rare cannabinoid of many that will make it into the mainstream economy.”

Effect of gradually lifting Regulations on investors

Cannabis markets are expecting major expansion with Biden’s win. Investors, who stayed out of the cannabis market due to stringent rules, hopes that the Biden-Harris White House will undoubtedly be friendlier to cannabis than the Trump administration. This ray of hope -soon the federal government will legalize cannabis- is a base that is attracting several investors and large brands to the cannabinoid market.

Biosynthesis of rare cannabinoids will breakthrough.

Significant investments always follow an increase in demand. Increase demand for rare cannabinoids —including CBD, THC, CBG, and THCV— started a race between cannabis companies striving to bring the highest quality and lowest price compounds to the market. Eventually, biosynthetic cannabinoid companies are more likely to win the race by capturing more market shares. These companies, such as Biomedican, have developed technologies that can yield high quantities with the reduced cost of rare cannabinoids. Most biosynthetic companies expect to have a market share of about $10 billion by 2025.

Biomedican is the largest player in the cannabis market with pharmaceutical-grade, consistent product at significantly less cost. While several compounds are costly to produce with the traditional grow and harvest method, Biomedican’s newly developed biosynthesis process can make these compounds at the cheapest rates. We invite investors to be a part of our revolutionary approach to fulfil the increased demand for rare cannabinoids.

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