HempFusion shares jump 50% in TSX debut – Reuters


Reuters, an international news organization, reported increased demand for Hemp-based products after the coronavirus pandemic in its recent Article. A massive boost of about 50% in shares of Cannabis and hemp-based products has been observed, serving as a lighthouse for new companies. The Article also mentioned  Biomedican’s approach to debut with its rare cannabinoids in the first half of 2021.

Cannabis investors hope to have more cannabis-friendly laws in the country. The growing chance of a Democratic win in two pivotal U.S. Senate contests eventually leads to a tremendous boost in the market value of cannabis. Cannabis investors observed a considerable jump in a company’s market shares debuted on Wednesday. This increased demand for hemp-based products asks the government to legalize the recreational use of marijuana and hemp products.

Covid-19 pandemic brought unbearable sufferings to humanity. However, after the pandemic world observed a considerable demand for cannabis-based products due to their relaxative properties. Various companies that make cannabidiol-based capsules, liquids, pain-relief creams, and ointments plan to pursue future listings onto several stock exchanges. Some of them hope to expand their hemp-based products in Europe and Canada.

Biomedican is leading the race to make cannabinoids owing to its plan to debut with pharmaceutical-based, organic, and non-GMO products. Researchers at Biomedican have developed a unique biosynthesis process that can provide the most effective and pure cannabinoids and fulfil the demand of a large community due to the process’s efficiency. Proprietary yeast is employed in biosynthesis, modified to produce pure rare cannabinoids, just like purifying human insulin from yeast.

Our researchers’ team is led by four PhD scientists in biosynthesis and genetics who developed two products: CBG/CBGA and Astaxanthin – are ready for large scale production in the first half of 2021. At the same time, THCV/THCVA and CBN/CBNA are expected to be prepared for production by 2022. We invite investors who want a faster return on investments to participate in our unique approach.


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