Date: 3-13-21


cannabis industry journal.

Reduce Environmental Impact of Cannabinoid Production Through Biosynthesis


With climate change increasingly becoming a concern, it’s crucial for us to rely on more environmentally friendly avenues for cannabinoid production. Biosynthesis provides a method of cannabinoid production that requires significantly less time, energy and natural resources than cultivation through plants—resulting in not only a decreased environmental footprint but also safer and less expensive products.

Date: 3-04-21



‘Pharmaceutical’ Controls, Lower Costs: Future Of Cannabinoid Ingredients In Biosynthesis?

Synthetics are necessary for drugs containing cannabinoids because the active ingredient must be consistent from dose to dose. Cannabinoids extracted from hemp vary from plant to plant and more widely from crop to crop, but consistency should matter for cannabinoids used as dietary ingredients, says BioMedican president Dennis O’Neill.

Date: 3-2-21


In Rare Cannabinoids, BioMedican Sees Alphabet Of Potential Dietary And Drug Ingredients


BioMedican is ready to produce CBG, cannabigerol, and THC-V, tetrahydrocannabivarin, through biosynthesis and plans by the end of the year to start making CBN, cannabinol, and THC-A, tetrahydrocannabinolic-acid.

Date: 2-27-21



Cannabiz: How to Invest in This Growing Industry

Investors looking for major winners in the space also run the risk of buying into major losers as the cannabis market becomes commoditized, increasing the importance of high quality and low price, according to O’Neill. “Only the best operators will be able to compete under these market conditions,” he pointed out.

Date: 2-21-21

cannabis industry journal


How Rare Cannabinoids Will Impact Investing


Research shows rare cannabinoids are poised to be the future of cannabis investing, providing better health benefits in addition to impacting the pharmaceutical, CPG, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pet care markets significantly. According to recent reports, the biosynthesis of rare cannabinoids will be a $25 billion market by 2025 and $40 billion by 2040.

Date: 2-15-21



Three Methods to Produce Rare Cannabinoids: Cultivation, Chemical Synthesis, and Biosynthesis

Biosynthesis is the production of the desired compound through the natural means of an organism’s biological processes. It produces identical compounds to those found in nature, lending itself as the optimal pathway for the manufacture of cannabinoids and carotenoids identical to their naturally occurring counterparts.

Date: 1-30-21



Cannabis Market Experts Explain When To Consider Stocks And ETFs


New investors may want to take notice of the cannabis market and its potential for lucrative gains. Two common options are proving beneficial for numerous stock market participants. Investing in cannabis stocks could be a fruitful effort for wise investors who can pinpoint the next big thing. On the other hand, experts say that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could provide gains without the same work level for the less savvy investor.

Date: 1-30-21



BioMediCan Leads the World in Biosynthesized Cannabinoids

With biosynthesis we produce the exact same molecule each and every time and we can do it at significantly less cost but we also utilize 90% less energy and natural resources which makes this a sustainable model to where we are not burning up massive amounts of natural resources and energy as part of the process. As long as it is organic and bioidentical, about 90% of the market is in full support of it.

Date: 1-25-21

astaxanthin unit


Fermentation specialist Biomedican to spin off astaxanthin unit


Fermentation specialist Biomedican plans to spin off a subsidiary that will be focused on astaxanthin production via a bioengineered yeast, the company said recently.

Date: 1-25-21


How Some THC Is Legal — For Now

From a molecular perspective, Delta-9-THC and Delta-8 aren’t that different. Except for that, a particular chemical bond appears on the eighth carbon — instead of the ninth. Dr. Peter Grinspoon, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School, estimates Delta-8 “has a portion but not all of the psychoactivity as Delta-9,” which is the majority opinion in the cannabis industry.

Date: 1-25-21





The Biden administration will be much more accommodating and ultimately will legalize cannabis on a federal level, although these changes won’t happen overnight. All of this means significantly more investment into the cannabis market, so these stocks will perform exceptionally well.

Date: 1-25-21


Expert Tips To Help You Pinpoint The Best Cannabis Stocks

Investors believe stocks at ETFs will continue to flourish in the years to come with America embracing a slightly more liberal-leaning federal government.
The global cannabis market is ballooning and should continue to inflate more in the coming years. Recent reports suggest that the global market could reach a value of $73.6 billion by 2027.

Date: 1-22-21



The Week In Cannabis: Stocks Spike By Double Digits On Earnings, Strong Sales, Financings


Cannabis sales in Michigan hit $984.6 million in 2020. Medical cannabis sales accounted for $474 million for the year, while adult-use sales reached $510.7 million.

Rhode Island and the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians received approvals from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for its hemp regulatory proposals.

Date: 1-22-21

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Yahoo Finance: The Week In Cannabis: Stocks Spike By Double Digits On Earnings, Strong Sales, Financings

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays marked the single biggest cannabis sales period of 2020. The period between Dec. 18 and Dec. 24 generated roughly $427 million, according to Akerna (NASDAQ: KERN). The largest sale day of the period was Wednesday, Dec. 23, with $87.3 million, making it the third largest cannabis sales of the year, just behind Green Wednesday with $87.4 million. Exceeding all expectations, New Year’s Eve was the single biggest sales day of 2020 with $89.4 million.

Date: 1-17-21

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Industry leaders say legalizing pot critical to stop black-market sales

O’Neill has watched recreational marijuana use become legal in other states, and feels it’s a critical step to stop fueling black markets that sell marijuana products. This way, they can be taxed, and ultimately safer to use.

“You can start regulating the quality and efficacy of the actual product that’s being consumed,” O’Neill said.

Date: 1-17-21


RochesterFirst: Industry leaders say legalizing pot critical to stop black-market sales

Governor Cuomo has announced his plan to legalize recreational marijuana in New York State, and he says the industry will eventually lead to the creation of 60,000 new jobs and $3.5 billion in economic activity.

“You’re going to unleash an incredible amount of demand into the market. It’s a precedent that’s been seen in many, many other states,” said Dennis O’Neill, President of BIOMEDICAN, a biotech startup company that produces rare cannabinoids.

Date: 1-16-21



Cuomo lays out plan for marijuana legalization, says industry will generate $300 million in tax revenue annually

“This is part of a bigger picture that all states will sooner or later legalize cannabis and ultimately the federal government will do so as well,” Dennis O’Neill, the president of BIOMEDICAN, a company that synthesizes cannabinoids, told FOX Business.

Date: 1-12-21

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HempFusion shares jump 50% in TSX debut

Cannabis stocks were also boosted on Wednesday by the growing chance of Democratic wins in two pivotal U.S. Senate contests, with investors betting the outcome would make it pave the way for passage of more cannabis-friendly laws in the country

Date : 1-12-21



Nasdaq: HempFusion shares jump 50% in TSX debut

Shares of HempFusion Wellness Inc CBDu.TO rose 50% in their debut on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday, giving the hemp-derived health and wellness products maker a market value of about $176 million.

Date: 1-12-21

yahoo finance


Yahoo Finanace: HempFusion shares jump 50% in TSX debut

The companies hope to cash in on renewed investor interest after the coronavirus pandemic created a massive demand for cannabis’ relaxative properties.

Date: 1-11-21



Cannabiz cheers Democratic Senate control

Federal legalization already had unprecedented momentum. The More Act, which would “deschedule” or remove, cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, passed the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives in December with bipartisan support.

Date : 1-10-21

cannabis business executive

Cannabis business executive

5 Predictions for the Global Cannabinoid Market in 2021

2020 has been a transformative year for the cannabis industry. A new presidential administration, several states legalizing cannabis, the passage of the MORE Act in the House, and breakthroughs in biosynthesizing rare cannabinoids were just a few major milestones in a turbulent year. As we begin a new year, what developments can we expect for the cannabis industry—particularly the global cannabinoid market?

Date : 12-18-20

bloomberg podcast

Bloomberg Radio

BioMediCan Founder and CEO on Artificial-Cannabinoids (Podcast)

Max Mikheev, Founder and CEO at BioMediCan, discusses the business and benefits of artificial-cannabinoids.

Date : 12-16-20


Biomedican successfully biosynthesizes two rare cannabinoids

“The global demand for rare cannabinoids is growing astronomically,” said Biomedican CEO Maxim Mikheev. “We are fully confident we will have the highest quality and lowest cost product in the market.”

Date : 12-10-20


Pharma Almanac

Leveraging Biosynthesis to Create Pure Cannabinoids for Less

Biosynthesis of rare cannabinoids is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today, and BIOMEDICAN is uniquely positioned with what we believe are the best intellectual property and results in the space.  CBG/CBGA represents the next generation of many new cannabinoids we will be taking to market, and we are fully confident we will have the highest quality, highest yields, and lowest-cost product on the market, which we believe will make us the market leader in the months and years to come.

Date : 12-04-20


Nutra Ingrediants

Startup claims fermentation expertise will provide differentiator in production of rare cannabinoids

O’Neill said that while other companies are advertising the capability of producing minor cannabinoids like CBG, in his view the volumes and the pricing of those ingredients will not be competitive with BioMedican’s platform.

“We purposefully stayed away from CBD. Prices have collapsed and it has become a commoditized market full of me-too products,” he said.

Date : 11-28-20


El Planteo

THCV: the New Cannabinoid that will Conquer the Industry

Fortunately, recent innovations in biosynthesis are making THCV easier to produce than ever. Now cannabinoids can be synthesized without plants, resulting in shorter production cycles, less work and energy, and higher yields . The end result is a non-GMO, pharmaceutical grade organic product that is 70-90% cheaper than wholesale prices. Biosynthesis is also more sustainable than plants, since it uses 90% less natural resources and energy.

Date : 12-04-20



THCV: The Rare Cannabinoid That’ll Conquer The Industry

THCV produced through biosynthesis can also be added to any edible with zero modifications, which will give it a major advantage in the food and beverage industry. Health food companies will be able to add THCV to a variety of foods and beverages, including protein bars, chocolates, cereals, granola bars, and sports drinks.

Date : 11-27-20

Biomedican lab


CBYeast: Biotech Companies Are Pulling Cannabinoids from Yeast

One biotech company is looking to shake up the cannabinoid-product industry by using biosynthesis to produce rare cannabinoids at a fraction of their current price.

Employing a specialized strain of yeast called Yarrowia lipolytica, California company Biomedican extracts pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids that are biologically identical to those extracted from plants…

Westword spoke with Biomedican president Dennis O’Neill and CEO Max Mikheev.

Date : 11-18-20

Biomedican on Healthcare Business Today

Healthcare Business Today

How Rare Cannabinoids are Disrupting the Pharmaceutical Industry

The global cannabinoid market will take a significant toll on the environment. A kilogram of cannabis releases roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as three million U.S. cars. Biosynthesis is at the forefront of a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly way to produce rare cannabinoids.

Biomedican has developed a patented method of cannabinoid biosynthesis production from proprietary yeasts. This process produces 100% pure rare cannabinoids without cultivating plants, resulting in cheaper, faster, and more environmentally friendly results.

Date : 11-9-20

Biomedican on Benzinga

Yahoo! Finance (Benzinga pick-up)

Is the Cannabis Market Ready for Lab-Grown Cannabinoids?

“We’re not competing with anybody that’s in that grow, harvest, extract and purify business,” says Biomedican CFO Dennis O’Neill.

The biotech company uses a genetically-modified, proprietary version of yeast to produce cannabinoids without the need for cannabis plants. The resulting cannabinoids are said to be bio-identical to the molecules that can be found in nature.

“We produce 99% pharmaceutical grade products,” says O’Neill. While the method used by Biomedican employs GMO yeast, the final product does not contain any of it, which is why the company can claim its cannabinoids are organic and GMO-free.

Date : 11-6-20

Biomedican on Proactive Investors

Proactive Investors

Biomedican Inc’s organic, non-GMO CBD compound set for large scale production in 2021

Biomedican Inc Chief Investment Officer Dennis O’Neill tells Proactive the Fremont, California-based CBD-focused group is focusing on commercializing its organic, non-GMO CBD compound.

O’Neill says because its CBD product produces 0.0% THC, it opens up distribution channels for the group. The group is expected to begin large-scale production in 2021.

Date : 10-30-20


Inquirer.Net (Reuters pick-up)

Cannabis companies, betting on a Biden win, ready IPOs

“Biosynthetic cannabinoid maker Biomedican has also laid out plans to go public in the first half of 2021″

Date : 10-29-20


Green Entrepreneur (Reuters pick-up)

Synthetic Cannabis Could Disrupt The Marijuana Industry In A Big Way

“By creating biosynthetic cannabis compounds, companies also skip any issues using the real cannabis plant, which remains illegal at the federal level. And the costs are dramatically lower. Biomedican, a company that is working in this area, claims that they have 70 to 90 percent lower production costs than cannabis farms.”

Date : 10-27-20

Biomedican on

This week’s most important N.J. cannabis stories: Industry event featuring Booker, hemp goes to backburner, what employers should know

“All the federal and state regulations are around touching the plant and producing THC at any point in time,” said Dennis O’Neill, chief investment officer of California-based Biomedican. “That creates a big opportunity for us because these rare cannabinoids are the next generations of CBGs.”

Date : 10-26-20


Drug Topics

How Rare Cannabinoids Are Disrupting the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Rare cannabinoids like CBG/CBGA, CBN/CBNA, THCV/THCVA, and THCA all have significant evidence of major health benefits. For example, there have been many clinical trials on CBG/CBGA indicating its potential to help fight inflammation, pain, and nausea.”  Maxim Mikheev, CEO and Founder of Biomedican, a biotech startup designing patented low-cost methods of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts.

Date : 10-16-20


Ganjaprenerr (Reuters pick-up)

Cannabis Firms Consider IPOs Anticipating a Biden Presidency

Multiple hemp and cannabis firms say they are planning initial public offerings under the assumption that Joe Biden will win the presidential election next month.

Date : 10-15-20



Cannabis companies, betting on a Biden win, ready IPOs

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A year ago, Flora Growth Chief Executive Damian Lopez had just spent a chunk of his company’s seed capital buying a Colombian cannabis producer, and was fighting his way through the legal and financial hurdles that have made development of the industry such a challenge over the past decade.

Date : 10-12-20



Cannabinoids Beyond THC And CBD Pique Market Interest

Dennis O’Neill, co-founder and CIO of California-based biotech startup Biomedican elaborated: “[CBD and THC] are known because plants can produce them in large quantities, which makes them significantly more affordable.”

Date : 10-8-20


The Philadelphia Inquirer

The race is on for synthetic cannabinoids

“Right now, making CBD means you’re in the farming business. By the time you harvest and extract and factor in the purification, it’s expensive,” said Dennis O’Neill, Biomedican‘s chief investment officer. “And you can’t even produce the exact same product every time.”

Date : 10-8-20


Dope Magazine (Bloomberg pick-up)

Synthetically-Produced Cannabinoids Could Soon Become a New Normal

Fremont, California-based Biomedican has the means to produce CBG in large quantities.  “Right now, making CBD means you’re in the farming business,” Dennis O’Neill, Biomedican’s chief investment officer, told Bloomberg. “By the time you harvest and extract and factor in purification, it’s expensive. And you can’t even produce the exact same product every year.”

Date : 10-4-20

Biomedican on Bloomberg


Race Is On for Synthetic Cannabinoids: Cannabis Weekly

Biomedican says it will soon be able to produce multiple strains at a similar cost [under $1 a gram], far below CBG’s current wholesale price of $20 a gram. “This is the next generation of CBD,” Dennis O’Neill said.

Date : 9-28-20

Biomedican on Nasdaq


Why CBG and Other Rare Cannabinoids Will Supplant CBD

“CBD will become an afterthought as more potent cannabinoids replace it in medicine, beauty products, food and beverages, and more. Rare cannabinoids like CBG, THCA, CBN, THCV, and more will all contribute to this shift, with CBG being the most highly desired for its versatile applications in both the pharmaceutical and food/beverage industries.” Maxim Mikheev, CEO and Founder of Biomedican, a biotech startup designing patented low-cost methods of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts.

Date : 9-17-20

Biomedican on Forbes


Move Over CBD: Rare Cannabinoids Shaking Up Cannabis And Hemp Products

“According to Dennis O’Neill, chief investment officer at Biomedican, when it comes to producing rare cannabinoids, the grow-harvest-extract method is not only costly; it’s unreliable. Instead, the firm uses biosynthesis, a natural process that O’Neill likens to brewing beer, to grow rare pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoids at scale.”

Date : 9-12-20



Startups want to biosynthesize CBD

Biosynthesis companies will be able to produce expensive cannabinoids at a much lower price and without fears of contamination. “We can harvest every day, as opposed to a plant that requires 55 days to grow,” says Dennis O’Neill, chief investment officer at Biomedican – biotech startup.

Date : 9-8-20


Biofuels Digest

Plants without the plant? A look at cannabinoids made with yeasts instead of plants

“Biomedican developed a unique method of cannabinoid biosynthesis production from proprietary yeasts. This process produces high-quality rare cannabinoids without plants, resulting in cheaper, faster, and more sustainable results.”

Press Releases

Date : 12-02-20

Biomedican Enters the Global Astaxanthin Market Through Its Patented Biosynthesis Platform

SAN FRANCISCODec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BIOMEDICAN, a biotech company designing patented low-cost methods of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts, has entered the Astaxanthin market to diversify products outside of Cannabinoids. This new development allows BIOMEDICAN’s biosynthesis platform to target any high-value compound and significantly disrupt the current technologies.

Date : 11-19-20

Biomedican Announces Organic Biosynthesis of Rare Cannabinoid THCV/THCVA

SAN FRANCISCONov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BIOMEDICAN, a biotech company designing patented low-cost methods of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts, has successfully biosynthesized rare cannabinoid THCV/THCVA. The product is pharmaceutical- grade, 100% organic, non-GMO, and bioidentical to the molecules occurring in nature, with production costs that are over 90% less than current wholesale prices.

Date : 11-12-20

Biomedican Announces Successful Biosynthesis and Large-Scale Production of Rare Cannabinoids CBG/CBGA

Fremont, CA — Biomedican, a biotech company designing patented low-cost methods of growing high-value compounds at scale with proprietary yeasts, has successfully biosynthesized rare cannabinoid CBG/CBGA and is setting up large-scale production. The product is pharmaceutical-grade, contains zero toxins and contaminants, and is 75-90% less expensive than current wholesale prices. Biomedican will be ready to ship CBG/CBGA in Q3-Q4 2021.

Date : 11-10-20

Full Spectrum Biosciences, Biomedican to Produce Yeast-Based Cannabinoids

LOS ANGELES – Agritek Holdings, Inc. (AGTK), a fully integrated, active real estate investor and its wholly-owned subsidiary Full Spectrum Biosciences Inc., an IP, formulation, and white label provider for popular hemp brands RehabRx and Hemp Pops, today announced that Full Spectrum Biosciences and California based Biomedican Inc. have executed a Letter of Intent and are completing a joint venture agreement for the first test pilot program using Biomedican’s patented biosynthetic methods using yeast fermentation, to ensure the efficient production of high-quality cannabinoid profiles and compounds.

Date : 11-6-20

Biomedican Inc’s organic, non-GMO CBD compound set for large-scale production in 2021

Biomedican Inc Chief Investment Officer Dennis O’Neill tells Proactive the Fremont, California-based CBD-focused group is focusing on commercializing its organic, non-GMO CBD compound.

Date : 11-5-20

Rising High: An exclusive talk with biosynthesis company Biomedican

In this edition of “Rising High,” The Fly conducted an exclusive interview with Dennis O’Neill, chief investment officer of Biomedican, a producer of pharmaceutical-grade compounds using natural biological synthesis.