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Pharmacy Times recently published an interview of Dennis O’ Neill, president and board member of Biomedican, in which he gave his expert opinion over the booming medical psychedelic market and potential mental health benefits of medical psychedelics in the covid-19 pandemic. Dennis O’ Neill discussed how the covid-19 pandemic became mental health epidemic that can be eradicated with medical psychedelics.

Psychedelics are psychoactive substances that activate serotonin receptors, thus alter perception, mood, and cognitive processes. Psychedelic medicines, also known as hallucinogens, belong to one of the oldest psychopharmacological agents that have been used in the past for pleasure and associated healing powers. Clinical research and developments on psychedelics halted for about half a century due to its mind-manifesting capability and high abuse potential. However, medical research in the 60s and 70s has shown that psychedelics have proven efficacy in managing mental disorders.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a mental health crisis, healthcare providers have noticed that the surge in PSTD, depression, and anxiety is no more manageable with various pharmaceutical products. Therefore, to combat these tolerance issues, providers rely on psychedelic medicine that showed proven efficacy in patients who weren’t responding to conventional psychological therapies and treatments. “This then led the pharmaceutical industry to pay greater attention to the development of psychedelics as medicine,” according to O’ Neill.

The current mental health crisis is a serious issue that needs careful and proper management. Several clinical trials are underway to determine to clinical safety and efficacy of psychedelics for psychological disorders. The result of these extensive clinical studies can be jeopardized by the psychedelic medicine that isn’t pharmaceutical grade and bio-identical because the medicinal compounds from different plant strains aren’t always bioidentical. Therefore, the best way out is to get the non-GMO, bio-identical, and pharmaceutical grade psychedelic medicine.

O’ Neill introduced Biomedican’s cutting-edge biotechnology platform, which can fulfill booming medical psychedelic market demand in the current mental health epidemic. Biomedican employed proprietary yeast to produce 100% pharmaceutical grade, organic and non-GMO medical psychedelics for clinical trials.

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