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Naturally grown high-value compounds for a healthy life

We produce pharmaceutical-grade high-value compounds using natural biological synthesis at a significantly lower cost than conventional methods.

Why choose Biomedican?

Pharmaceutical-great quality Biomedican

Pharmaceutical-grade quality

Pharmaceutical-grade quality
Our patented biosynthetic methods ensure the efficient production of high-quality compounds using the fermentation of unique proprietary yeast. In contrast to chemically synthesized, our natural, organic, non-GMO biosynthetic compounds are 100% identical to those found in nature, while free from undesired by-products.
High-volume production - Biomedican

High-volume production

High-volume production
Some high-value compounds, such as rare cannabinoids, exist in minimal quantities in plants, making their extraction and purification inefficient, costly, and environmentally taxing.
In contrast, yeast fermentation is a fast, highly scalable, and environmentally friendly process, yielding large quantities of a quality product in just a few days instead of months.
Lower production cost - Biomedican

70-90% lower cost

70-90% lower cost
Our proprietary oily yeast Yarrowia Lipolytica (YL) yields up to 80% of its weight in oils, making it an efficient micro-organism for producing large amounts of target compounds. The fermentation process is cheap and efficient, requiring only sugar, water, and YL yeast, reducing the production costs up to 70-90%.

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Our patented biosynthetic methods, using yeast fermentation, ensure the efficient production of high-quality compounds.

In contrast to chemically synthesized, our natural, organic, non-GMO biosynthetic products are identical to those extracted from plants while offering higher purity than typically found in nature.

In addition, our unique proprietary yeast is optimized to produce higher quantities of product at lowers costs than competing biosynthetic methods.

Biomedican - leader in synthetic biology for rare cannabinoids

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