Cannabis Market Experts Explain When To Consider Stocks And ETFs

Stocks and ETFs

The article “Cannabis Market Experts Explain When To Consider Stocks And ETFs,” recently published in The Fresh Toast, highlighted the rise of the cannabis market in 2021 and demonstrated the pros and cons of stocks and ETFs for cannabis investors. The author of the article, Andrew Ward, quoted the thoughts of Dennis O’Neill, a former investment banker and current president of BioMediCan,  about stocks and ETFs as two options for interested cannabis investors.

With the start of 2021, the cannabis market is trending upward. According to analysts, 2021 will bring innovations that can revolutionize the global cannabis market. This booming cannabis market is expecting to be backed up by the legalization of cannabis in the U.S. Cannabis market is the next big thing for new investors who want lucrative gains.

Investing In Stocks

Investing in stocks requires extensive research and analysis. According to Andrew, even though the cannabis stocks are growing with the chance of legalization, not every stock will end up a winner. However, a keen look at the company’s management, leadership, and performance can help investors decide because many companies’ management has hurt investors. Awareness of securities and market movement is necessary to win more profit. Andrew regards “picking stocks” as a time taking option for potential cannabis investors.

Investing In ETFs

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are a collection of securities operating on a singular underlying index. ETFs are a smart way to gain exposure in the cannabis market. Investing in ETFs does not demand sharp due diligence and stock market expertise. ETFs could provide profits without the same work level for the investor.

Dennis O’Neill of BioMediCan highlighted that although investing in ETFs is less tiresome, it still requires caution. He elaborated on ETF’s track record of investment. O’Neill made it easier for investors to choose between two options. Because according to him, “ETFs for people who do not have the time or experience investing in cannabis while Individual stocks for people who have experience and time.” He shared that the stocks and ETFs represent no more than 10% of an overall portfolio.

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