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In a recent article “Cannabinoids Beyond THC And CBD Pique Market Interest” published in Benzinga, Andrew Ward brought the less-known cannabinoids into the light. He regarded THC and CBD as “just the tip of a massive iceberg”. Dennis O’Neill, co-founder of Biomedican elaborated the importance of lesser-known cannabinoids.

The cannabis plant has hundred of compounds that are yet to discover. However, well-known compounds such as terpenes are playing a part in to boom of the cannabis market due to their beneficial properties. “Terpenes are projected to have a modest global market value of $730 million by 2025,” says Andrew.

Andrew raised the question of whether Cannabinoids worth the market buzz or not, because CBD is still new to a large population, and people are still discovering its benefits. People will take some time to get to know the other rare cannabinoids. Dennis O’Neill stated that people are aware of CBD and THC due to their affordable price and production from the plant. Although cannabinoids worth the buzz in the cannabis community, producing and selling the rare cannabinoids at a fair price is a challenge. Dennis O’Neill shared that the buzz is muted because a few compounds are not available. He said, “Once it will be possible to produce them, they will be studied and most likely will get very popular.”

Variety of Cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and Delta-8-THC pique the interest of the market. CBG is considered beneficial due to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory property while CBN is perfect for insomnia treatment. The hottest cannabinoid Delta-8-THC is hitting the market due to its ability to uplift the feeling of relaxation.

Startups are expanding their approach beyond cannabis products. Soon various lesser-known cannabinoids will be used as “superfood” type ingredients. It is expected for less prevalent cannabinoids to replace hemp and marijuana from the market.

Biomedican has developed a unique approach to produce these rare cannabinoids by using a strain of yeast. To learn more about our approach to yield lesser-known cannabinoids by biosynthesis, please visit our website.

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